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Education Website Design

Best 25+ Education Website Design Inspiration

A well-designed and professional-looking website is an ideal way to show who you are as an establishment, whether you’re an existing institution or building your education brand from the ground up. Here are some best website inspirations on how to make your site reflect that.

You’re in the right place. We have years of experience ensuring education websites showcase a school’s personality and instill trust, so you can connect with students, parents, and the community. Creating a functional and easy-to-use site is a priority for us, as well as an investment in your brand identity. With a set of guidelines to ensure your site adheres to basic timeless standards and usability best practices, we provide all things web design: custom designs built with advanced technologies; cross-platform compatibility; responsive design; search engine optimization; back-end management of content; photography styling and management.

When it comes to creating an online presence for your education institution, we have all the tools you need. In our collection has everything you need to create a successful website including pre-designed templates and custom education website design.

Create a professional website for your school in a matter of minutes, and start showcasing the unique value you bring to students. Check out our 25+ collections now!

Best 25+ Education Website Design Inspiration

1. eLearning Website Landing Page

Hello, world! This is our first eLearning Landing Page template presented to you. This template has a clean and simple design allowing you to highlight your content and brand in a modern way. The use of illustration gives the template a lightness that makes it easy to read and puts focus on the content. It’s designed for any type of eLearning system, as well as for any other type of website.

This template is made to be used in different color schemes to fit your brand. It also can be customized using Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD or plain HTML & CSS. We want to make learning fun, so don’t forget to check out our free eLearning Wireframes collection!

2. Education Website Landing Page – Realty

Our Education Website Landing Page is the perfect way to help you create your online education website. You can use this template to create your own online education website with minimum effort. The education website template is a fully responsive theme that can be used for any kind of education platform. The theme is customized for better flexibility, usability, and ease of use.

The Education Website Landing Page template is fully customizable and available in Sketch, Adobe XD and Figma. The clear structure makes it easy to create a consistent learning experience. A perfect starting point for your project. Download now this design.

3. E-learning Landing Page Templates

e-Learning website is a learning online education website that offers a wide range of courses and certification programs for students to choose from. With e-Learning, you’ll have access to the latest and most influential technologies that will aid in your learning.

e-Learning web template design is the right way to promote your learning content. With clean, elegant, and modern layouts you can create a professional learning website with an eLearning web template design.

The customization is also easy and you can change the themes and graphics according to your needs! This eLearning web template design is available to file Figma, Adobe XD.

4. Educate Website Landing Page Design

This Educate Website Landing Page Design comes with an elegant and professional layout that is intended to provide you with a very good user experience. This landing page is professionally designed to promote your business in an organized manner where you can display your products or services.

This Landing Page Has Some Really Nice Design and It’s Also Well Organized. The Designer has Done Great Work, So We Hope You Guys Enjoy This Well Made Design.

Whether you are an art lover or a designer yourself, you will love this beautiful Educate website! Our UI elements are coded and developed using HTML APIs so that it is responsive on all devices and screens.

5. Website Design For Learning Education.

The goal of this landing page is to show a student’s drawing (a design) to multiple people in their class. This page would include at least 3 pictures of different students in the class and their drawings (design) which will be used for communication. The purpose is to ask a student in the class when they are drawing a design, “who do you think will be most interested or excited about your design?”

Template Design suitable for Educational Institutions like Online Courses / Online Learning and Events. Clean, crisp, and simple design that can easily be adapted and used for a variety of similar niche websites.

This education web template design is available in files Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD.

6. Landing Page Design for eLearning Platform.

UIHUT presents a responsive E-Learning platform landing page template for the presentation of online courses series. The template can also be used for various businesses like corporate, application, portfolio, software, marketing, and any kind of creative presentation. The template is easy to edit and customize with Figma, Sketch, and Adobe XD

7. eLearning Website UI Design.

Present your eLearning / online courses series in a professional manner by using this responsive e-learning platform landing page.

The landing page is detailed with a clean, modern look. It has simple and clean designed components like buttons, modal windows, and sliders. Clean typography will help you to focus on the content instead of worrying about the design details. UIHUT was designed to be responsive so it will be easy for you to create a responsive website for your audience! This education web template design is available in files Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD.

8. Academic Library Landing Page Design

The Academic Library Design is a modern template made for book library websites. Its creative design and layout are the perfect solution for book developers who are looking for a high-quality, responsive template that is both modern and easy to use. now, you can display your book collection online with this responsive Academic Library Design. It’s a professionally designed template that does not require any specific coding skills at all, nor does it require advanced knowledge of CSS and HTML.  Moreover, all of the icons used in the template are available from various icon collections. Download the Academic Library Design today and impress your customers with an outstanding website!

The Academic Library Website Design is composed of a two-column layout. This layout is perfect for a library website as it is easy to navigate and presents the information clearly. The design also includes a search bar and drop-down menu, social media icons, and relevant content on each page. 

9. Grow skills Landing Page Design

The Grow skills Landing Page Design is a great way to make sure your customers get the information they need before they make a huge decision. Simply add your own text and your graphics into our Figma, Sketch, or Adobe XD files.

The Grow Skills Landing Page is a colorful and modern infomercial page that can be used in many different contexts. It mainly is intended to promote gaining new skills or improving old ones and completing online courses, but you may use it for any other purpose as well. The template comes in three variations:

This template is designed to showcase online course materials. Feel free to adapt your personal style to it and make this Education Landing Page a part of your good UX portfolio.


Hello friends. I collected these designs to share your great and inspiring website landing pages. Hope this collection will be helpful for you. You can download all website landing pages from UIHUT.

You will get the best 25+ education website design inspiration from Uihut. UIHUT provides 15,000+ free, high-quality design resources for designers and developers. Design for websites, mobile design, icons, 3d Illustration, UI kits, Vector Illustrations, and more. Download now. Thank you.

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